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Responsive web design services is an approach to create web pages that makes use of dynamically changing the orientation and layouts of the web pages as per the operating device, whether it is browser or a mobile device. The main goal of responsive web design is to construct web pages that detect user’s screen size, orientation and change the layout of the web page accordingly. Because now a day’s people use a wide variety of devices like mobile, smart devices to access the internet for searching and surfing, so it is very important that, a website must be compatible with all the devices available in the global market.

So the key concept behind the responsive web design is to build a website in such a way so that its look and feel should be re-sizable, rearrange able and adjust the web content automatically according to the view area of the device. The responsive website is called Intelligent Websites. Every online business depends upon user’s perception. If one user sees the different look for a same webpage in different devices, then we can lose the user’s perception. Moreover we can lose any big business deal due to that. So it is very important to consider the responsive web design as a major point for the viability for a well versed online presence for a business.

Responsive Web Design Key Factors

While designing a new website or renovate an existing web portal following points should be covered in the project plan:

Increasing usage of Mobile Devices

Modern studies have proved that latest mobile devices usage and adoption has overtaken the laptop and desktop penetration and responsive web design allows us to use the same website to work across all the devices.

Best User Experience

Best user experience leads to increase conversion rate.  Moreover the click through rates increases 27-38% with a responsively designed website as compared to the websites specifically designed for mobile devices.

Minimum Maintenance

In absence of responsive web design, we had only two options:
• Create a website that would work on desktops or laptops and looks small and problematic on mobile devices.
• Create a different dedicated mobile device compatible website that would work on the mobile browsers.

The above mentioned options increase the budget and time involved in development, maintenance as you have to take care both the websites. Now if you chose only the desktop variant website, you can lose the mobile users and ultimately revenue loss or business loss.
To overcome these problems the responsive web design technique is the best suitable option. Only one website will work for the devices irrespective of its type whether it is a desktop, tablet or mobile device. So we have to maintain only one website. Hence we are reducing the development and maintenance cost of the organization.

SEO Oriented Responsive Design

All the major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Duckduckgo, Baidu, etc. prefer responsively designed websites. Responsive website usually performs better and that is mentioned in many research studies. This is the reason for Search Engine Optimization a responsive website is preferred because these websites have one Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and the same Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), which makes it easier and more proficient for search engines to crawl fast, index and organize their web content from just single URL.

Reduce in Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate means user is not traversed whole of the website, so it is usually taken as a negative impact by most of the search engines. The main reason behind that the non responsiveness of the website. User is not able to see the stretched webpage on a small mobile device or any other device.
To overcome this problem, responsive web design is the solution. Responsive websites have lower bounce rates. Responsive websites offer the entire web content to users in a packaged way so that is easy to view and manage and hence ultimately keeping the users on your webpage for a long time and that results a lower bounce rate.

Decreasing the Page Load Time

Page load time is one of the most important factors in terms of search engine rankings. Most of the popular search engines always give rewards to fast loading webpages. Responsive website design results in fast loading of the webpages and search engines can discover the web content more efficiently and index the entire web content very easily.