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CMS Development Services

We Provide Effective CMS Development Services


CMS is generally stands for Content Management System, it is basically used for manage the contents for the web sites. In other words it is a computer application that is used for creation and modifications of digital content. It is also used for working in a real time environment, like: multiple users can work and access the application at the same time. Basically it supports multiple users. It also provides various collection of procedure used to manage the work flow.

Task of Content Management System

There are various task of content management system which is useful for users and these are as follows:-
1) CMS allows different users to share the same stored data.
2) Control access to date based on user roles.
3) Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data.
4) Reduce duplication of data.
5) Improve the report writing.

Elements of Content Management System

There are two types of elements that the CMS include which are given below:-

• Content Management Application(CMA)

• Content Delivery Application(CDA)

• A content management application (CMA) is the front-end user interface

• A Content Delivery Application is basically used for compiling the information

Main features of CMS

a) Integrated online help.
b) Modular and Extensible.
c) Easy user and group management.
d) Group based permission system.
e) Full template support without changing a line of content.
f) Easy wizard based install and upgrade procedures.
g) Minimal server requirement.
h) Admin panel with multiple language support.
i) Content hierarchy and unlimited depth and size.
j) Integrated file manager upload capabilities.

Advantages of CMS

• Low cost:- By using the content management system you don’t have to spend lot of money. With the short amount of money you can easily use the low cost.
• Easy to use:- without having the knowledge of computer application user can easily use the CMS and can easily create and modify the Webpages of the website.
• Workflow management:- A workflow management system provides the basic setup for the computer applications or webpages that you can creates for the website. It also provides the setup for execution and monitor scientific workflow.
• It allows multiple users: – It also provides the real time environment, which means that at the same time that
the multiple users can use the system simultaneously.
• It helps you manage content:-Basically CMS is a very simple and it is easy to use it generally creates in a
simple language so that without having the knowledge of computer application the user can easily use.

Services of Content Management System

• Dynamic template implementation
• User Access and control
• Content management features
• High Quality media management
• File & Document Management
• Social media implementation
• Internationalization and Localization
• Management of Workflow
• Content combination
• Content collection
• Wizards for creating dynamic database oriented forms
• Accessibility features