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How To Do SEO For YouTube Channel?

How To Do SEO For YouTube Channel?

As we all know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. Now day’s video marketing is becoming a most popular tool for a digital marketing. If you are thinking of How To Do SEO For YouTube Channel?As People are getting more active to watch videos, and videos can help you to promote business and sell more products or services. As use of video increases, consistently so does video’s influence on consumer purchases.

Here we are introducing some steps to ranking up your YouTube videos:

1. YouTube Keyword Research
2. Title of the video
3. Description of the Video
4. Give Name to video file before upload
5. Apply closed caption (CC) feature in your video
6. Tagging & Keyword

Step 1:- YouTube Keyword Research: First of all, do a keyword research and generate a list of appropriate keywords according to your video. YouTube keyword research is the process of YouTube SEO that is start with the keyword research.

Step 2:- Title of the video: is very important element of the SEO process which lets the users know about the related content in the video. Video title is the name of the video by which users can know what is inside your video. Give your video a perfect title according to content of the video, use a keyword as a title which perfectly matches with the video content and this will be very friendly to viewers, YouTube algorithms to understand about content of your video. Give suitable and an appropriate title to your video is the perfect ways by which you can obtain SEO optimize title for video.

A) There is also a one of the best search engine auto complete feature that you can use for searching proper keywords for your video. If you think that your video contain a content that user can also search on search engine then use auto complete feature of Google. Auto complete feature is when you search any keyword according to your video in search engine then Google provide various suggesting complete keyword phrase and results. All these results are the most searched queries regarding your keywords. You can set the suggested query by Google as your video title this will provide you superior ranking on Google search.

B) If your video contains content which you think users can search it on a YouTube like live tutorials, music video etc then take the benefit of YouTube auto complete feature. Put the title of your video according to your keyword by taking benefit of YouTube auto complete feature.

Step 3:- Description of the Video: Write proper and an appropriate description of for your video related to your video content. First 2-3 lines are very important for and really matter a lot for the ranking your video high in search engine. Keep short and descriptive description which contain a brief description about your inside video content. And also use related keyword in your description so that your video will get in higher ranking.

Step 4:- Naming your video file before upload: Give you video file name as the title of the video (keyword name) which helps search engine to easily index video and it gets higher ranking. Naming your video file as your keyword name actually tells search engine that what can be inside your video as search engine cannot look inside the video this is the file name which enable the search engine algorithm that what is the video is about to. So put your targeted keyword into video file name.

Step 5:- Use closed caption (CC) feature in your video: closed captions open up your content to a larger audience. Closed caption element of YouTube shows your text over the video which helps users or viewers to understand you video easily. You can also use narration that can be translated into different languages, upload transcripts, transcript contain the text of what was said into the video and used to sync that content with the transcript. It converts your voice into transcript which makes easier to activate it.

Step 6:- Tagging & Keyword: Tags are the specific words or keywords related to your content and describe the content of your video. Tags are very important part of YouTube SEO that helps you to get ranking in YouTube search. For using tags in YouTube Firstly, List the specific tags, main keywords then general tags and matching keywords. Also use the misspelling keywords for e.g. If you have word “Free Beats” then also put Free Beets”, Use Phrase into tags for instance your long tail keywords.

Having appropriate and same targeted keyword in video tile, description, tag will surprisingly index and rank your videos in search engines. If you want to know How To Do SEO For YouTube Channel? So, follow the above steps properly and rank your video in YouTube.

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