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Everything you need to Know about Google AdWords and Ad Campaign

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Google AdWords is the online services provide the Google to advertise their business through the bid on the certain keywords. These clickable ads displays on the upper of the search results in Google and promoter pay for these clicks; this is how Google creates money from these searches. In simple, it is the marketplace where companies pay to Google for their website ranked up on the top results based on their keywords. Google count all clicks and impression of the ads and charge for each click.

Google AdWords launched in the year 2000 and in the starting days, the advertiser was essential to pay a regular fee to grow their campaign set and achieved by Google. In 2005 a new service is introduced i.e. Jumpstart. In the year 2013, the company announced that it will be introducing further features so that the promoters can hold and achieve their ad campaigns well and more effective method. In the Improved features, ads display on the numerous devices with mobile phones and tablet as well.

AdWords Campaign: Ad Campaign is generated within AdWords account. There is no limitation to create Ad Campaign with one AdWords account but only two campaigns are beneficial for better results. An AdWords campaign is regularly collected of several ad collections. Each Ad Assembly issues dissimilar ad text finest on the keyword that customer may sort in Google search engine. Keyword on ad text is according to the niche of the website and based on the product. 15-20 Keywords are more beneficial in the campaign for the best results. Mutual ad campaign groups include geography, device segmentation, and product type.

 Let’s take a example, A LG Company selling Refrigerator and Washing machine can pick to have altered ad campaigns for each of its products.

There is numerous AdWords campaign than sedentary rear and waiting for the customers to connect on your ad. Make sure that the ad you have generated is actuality showed to the exact populates. Using these conditions in your AdWords campaign results in several important benefits:

1.Definite Qualified Traffic 

2.Advanced Click Through Rate (CTR)

3.Low Cost Per Click (CPC)

4.Good paid Search Engine Rankings

5.Larger Quality Score


CTR:If we divided the clicks on ads by Impression on the same ad is CTR i.e. Click through rate.CTR = Clicks/Impressions

CPC:  CPC Stand for Cost per Click, it is the amount an advertiser pays to Google at every click on their advertisement. The amount is depending upon the bidding price in the keyword.

A higher Quality Score: Quality Score is an impression of the excellence of your ads, keywords, and arrival pages. Advanced value ads can behavior inferior prices and superior ad locations. Ad rank is also depending on the Quality Score and bid.

Ad Rank = Quality Score * Bid

 Your Google Ad needs to be 100% accurate and relevant to your product or services that you will be offering or delivering. It is very important not to fool the people by making false claims or promises just to attract them. The ad must be relevant to the landing page and should have no irrelevant text.

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