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A Complete Guide to the Google RankBrain Algorithm

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Google Rank brain

A machine-learning artificial intelligence system used by a google and that help Google to arrange the search results called "Rank Brain". In few years ago, Google Confirmed a new algorithm on 26 October 2015 named RankBrain. It is the third parameter of google before 2018 but now Rank Brain is the first parameter of google. Actually, over the past more than few months, Some of all Google questions were handled by RankBrain itself. The usual user didn’t observe something particularly dissimilar, but with the Google , this move to RankBrain will build the web a simplest, improved place to look for.

What Is Google’s Rank Brain?

The RankBrain is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) agenda create to help Google analyze search doubts. It assists Google to develop search results and offer new appropriate search results for consumers. If RankBrain does not understand the words that we type in search engine, it can estimate meaning with related words and sort the result according to that, building it more strict for the new attempts.

RankBrain is:

a. Not a new Knowledge Graph.

b. Not a new type of search.

c. Not an algorithm update. Don’t imagine of RankBrain the system you would think of Panda, or Penguin.

d. Not a robot. It’s only a series of numerical equations that can study and get better over time.

How Does RankBrain in reality Work?

RankBrain used a sequence of files based on community, places, and stuff to start the algorithm and its machine learning procedures.

When Google routes an anonymous issue, it operates these exactly planned out contacts to suppose a most excellent fit to the question and returns many interrelated results.

Result Factors of the Rank brain:

Rank brain filter out the results on the bases of two factors:

  1. Dwell Time
  2. CTR


Dwell Time :

Dwell time is the time between that moment when you click a search result and subsequently return back to the SERPs. Rank brain observes the time duration and manages the ranking of the pages accordingly.

For example: If you search "Offshore SEO Services" in the search engine and then click on the 2nd result but this information is not relevant to your need you will return back quickly. After that, you click on the 3rd result, the information in that website is relevant to you and you spent 5 to 7 min on that page. Google rank brain observe that time and manage the ranking of that page accordingly.

How to increase dwell time?

Content: If you will use informative content then more people come to your website and read your valuable and informative content. When writing a content keep in mind:

a. Use shorter sentences.

b. Write in shorter, less difficult paragraphs.

c. Use content best techniques such as headings and lists.

d. Make sure your content is read through quickly.

Videos and Info-graphics: Use your informative services, products etc videos on your website that attracts more peoples because nowadays peoples are interested in watching videos, info-graphics rather than read a blog.


This is the 2nd ranking factor of Google Rank Brain. Some persons believe the manipulate of CTR (Click Through Rate) on rankings is not anything. Few people are influenced that Google must seem at end-user information. Rank brain helps the Google to arrange the ranking of WebPages.

Google rank brain check the Click through rate of every webpage on the search result.

Click Through Rate = (Total Clicks ) / (Total Impressions)

How to increase CTR?

Page Title: You can Increase the CTR(Click Through Rate) by using the attractive title( use number and power words or adjectives in the title) for your page or blog.

Let's take the example, You are writing a blog on Digital marketing tips. Use the title for your blog like "30 Best Digital Marketing Tips to grow your business ".

Meta-Description: Write an attractive and informative description for your web-page. The meta description tag not help in google ranking, but it will regularly show as the text snippet under your listing, so it should contain the appropriate keyword to provide more relevant results that will give confidence to searchers to click on your listing. It increases the click-through rate of your website and Google arranges the ranking of your website.

These are the two major search result factor of Google Rank Brain. If you want to rank up your website on google search results, you have to optimize Google Rank Brain factors.

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