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Why is SEO important? 6 Points You Should Need to Know!

Why SEO is Important

Everyone wants organic traffic on their website. So, the procedure of optimizing a website is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   Ranking extremely for search positions which are known as keywords raises the perceptibility of a site and indications to a large number of guests to the real website.

You have a website or online services supply, SEO helps in your business grow and see the business purposes. Search engine optimization is vital because of Customers faith in search engines and having a company in the top places for the keywords the consumer is searching raise the website's faith.

Furthermore, it is a countless method to increase the superiority of their websites by creating them user- friendly, precise and easier to traverse.

Why is SEO important?

SEO demand is very high because of a competitive market, so. In Google search engine number of users searching their queries and problems.

Search engine optimization is vital as:

1.The popularity of search engines consumers are extra probable to click on one of the topmost suggestions in SERPS, so to the overall profit of this and progress persons to your site or clients to your online stock you want to in the top locations.

2.Search engine optimization is not only around search engines but better search engine optimization performs progress the consumer knowledge and usability of a site.

3.Customer’s faith search engines and having a existence in the topmost rankings for the keywords the customers are examining, growths the site’s faith.

4.Search engine optimization is best for the community raise of your website. Your site through Google or Yahoo is extra probable to encourage it on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels.

5.SEO is vital for those who want the horizontal successively of a large site. Websites by added more than one writer can get benefit from search engine optimization in a direct and indirect tactic. Their direct benefit is a rise in search engine circulation and the indirect benefit is having mutual checklists to utilize before printing blog on the website.

6.Search engine optimization can place your fast of the opposition. If two sites are offering the similar item, the SEO site is extra probable to have additional clients and make extra auctions.

Overall conclusion, Search engine optimization is a method to improve your site. Thus, the search engines will recognize it well and provide you greater positions.

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Latest Google SEO Updates & Algorithm Changes in 2017!

Google Algorithm Updates

PageRank is an algorithm utilized by Google Search to rank sites in their search engine results. PageRank is a method for estimating the importance of site pages. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google.

An SEO algorithm is a procedure by which you optimize content for a look. Optimization doesn't mean get the ideal positioning. In our SEO glossary here on SEO Theory, you'll discover this definition for website improvement: "The art of designing or changing Web pages to rank well in search engines."

Here are some Google algorithms updates are given below:

A. Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird is the name of the Google Algorithms change in Google in 2013. It named Hummingbird because of its Speed and Accuracy.  It additionally looks further at content on individual pages of a site, with enhanced capacity to lead clients straightforwardly to the most suitable page as opposed to only a site's landing page.

SEO latest updates correlated to Hummingbird:

1.Application of significance technology to number of pages over the web

2.Usage of Knowledge Graph certainties to ensure improved search output.

3.Simple acknowledgement of Keyword stuffing

4.Successfulness of Long-tail keywords


B.Google Penguin Update

Google Derived the Penguin Update in April 2012 to hold the sites that are unwanted Google’s exploration results. Penguins Update is mostly used to reducing search positions of sites that break Google’s Webmaster Rules and consume black-hat SEO methods to improve the ranking of their sites webpages, by getting or obtaining links by some wrong implementation.


Before the Penguin sites normally used certain bad external link building techniques to rank well in SERPs and increase the traffics. Although, once Penguin was launched it oblique that content was energetic and those with doubtful content would be identified and those with unwanted content would be penalized.

Some Google Penguin SEO updates are:

1.Penguin 1 – Introduced on April 24, 2012

2.Penguin 2 – Introduced on May 26, 2012

3.Penguin 3 – Introduced on October 5, 2012

4.Penguin 4 - on May 22, 2013

5.Penguin 5 - on October 4, 2013

6.Penguin 6 - on October 17, 2014

7.Penguin 7 - on September 23, 2016


C. Google Panda Update

Google's Panda Update is familiar in February 2011 and it is also called the authoritative search strainer indirect to break websites with bad-quality content by creating their method into top list items of Google. Panda is updated from time to time. Exactly when this happens, locales as of now hit; may escape, then they have revealed the correct enhancements as per Panda updates.

Some vital Google SEO updates according to Google Panda Update are:

1.No more than one Page with the Similar Keyword

2.Never use Auto-generated Content

3.Don’t use Pages with 1-2 Paragraphs of Text Only

4.Don’t Scraped Content

5.Panda Likes New Content

6.Always Careful by Affiliate Links and Ads

7.Large no. of Outbound Links with Keywords are not good


D. Google Pigeon Update

Introduced on July 24, 2014, for U.S. English outcomes, it is also another one SEO algorithm update presented to give extra valuable, outstanding and exact native examine results that are more closely to conservative website search ranking parts. According to Google this new SEO algorithm increases their space and location tracing factors in the more ways. The chief reason to introducing Google Pigeon Update is to give more preference to local search in SERPs.

New updates in SEO based on Google Pigeon Updates are:

1.Location Matters Always

2.Never Over-Optimize Your site

3.Strong Domains needs more


E. Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Launched On April 21, 2015, Google presented its Mobile Friendly search algorithm which is planned to provide a portable to mobile-friendly websites pages in Google’s mobile. One of the perfect approaches to get ready is to test that Google considers your site pages to be mobile friendly by using its Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Latest Google Mobile-Friendly SEO updates are:

1.Mobile-friendly testing instrument now has API contact

2.Google may collect desktop above AMP page for the mobile-first directory

3.Google initiates mobile-first indexing, utilizing mobile content for all search rankings


F. Google Payday Update

Introduced on June 11, 2013, Google Payday Update was a Google quest algorithm concentrated at washing active list objects associated to irrelevant queries  such as payday loans or certain other types of large spammed queries.

Recent Google Payday updates are:

1.Google Payday Loan 1.0

2.Google Payday Loan 2.0

3.Google Payday Loan 3.0


G. Google Pirate Update

Derived in August 2012, Google’s Pirate Update is a cleaner that protects websites that have various copyright violation rumors, as recognized by Google’s DMCA system (Copyright Removal Dashboard). Websites that are affected by the Pirate update may be partially or completely eliminated from the Google search index.

Some of the Google Pirate SEO latest updates-

1.The Pirate Update Punished sites that have more Copyright infringement Reports

2.The Pirate Update is a Success for Media and Artists

3.Receiving a Page Detached From the Index Needs Valid Certification

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Why We Need SEO Services?

Basically SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means to optimize contents or web site according to the Search Engine so that it may be easy to crawl or indexing for web crawler and it can also higher the ranking of sites. SEO improves the performance of the sites in the search results.

Why We Need SEO:

• It increases the visibility of the web sites on internet and leads more customers to web site.
• It also increases the visitors to a web site for high ranking placement in search page of search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Other search engines.
• Help in online marketing to know about customer’s views and need. According to the customer view or need a company can improve their products or brands.
• To enhance rankings, generate traffic, marketing and increase awareness in search engines and also to keep aside our web site from increased traffic on search engines.
• For better user experience that user can find the related data or product on your site which they want to know by optimizing the contents of our sites to SEO.
• For increasing impact of our brands or products on customer that can help in enhancing our business and also to release great impact of our products on search engines.
• To make site accessible to a search engine and possibilities of site will be ranked highly by the search engine.
• To make our site valuable and extremely competitive as to get listed on first page of popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.
• To promote our business and obtain new clients and also to connect with customers by product or service and help them in searching by optimizing contents of the web pages.
• For enhancing business and marketing of our products by adding unique contents to web sites and by removing the duplicity of contents.
• For increasing visibility of web pages of web sites by creating page titles, keyword based titles that can help in establishing page theme and tendency for your keywords.
• To target users who are actively looking for any products and services online for enhancing business.
• To boost up business site for enhancing business by applying latest and professional techniques and algorithms of SEO .
• To make your site accessible on every search engine or devices and connecting your brands or product with customers by higher ranking your business site.
• To generate publicity of your business products to raise the knowledge of brands, products or events for promotions or advertising of products.
• For top quality advertisements, unique planning for improving your business site ranking on search engines by applying professional and latest tactics.
• To know about customers or users that who are interested in your products and what are their reviews on your product and brands.
• To make our business scalable all over the world within minimum time period with SEO.

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SEO is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. It is used to improve the visibility of a web site or a web page. Whatever users search any keyword on a website it will make their search easy.  Search engine optimization, we basically used to improve site visibility of a website so that it can appear on search result list and the site can rank on top. For this we use various SEO techniques and code using html, script etc. SEO consider how search engine work and optimizing a website involve editing its content.

Main priorities for SEO: 

1. Identify and remove duplicate content which means content on site should be simple, appropriate, and easy to understand by audience.

2. Check navigation which means the content and the path should not be confusing for the audience who are using the site. This can be done with architect and design.

3.Responsive design: It means that the design should be looks good because mostly people are now using mobiles so that for mobile search it is essential for your website to looks good on small screen.

4. Complete preliminary keyword research.

5. Create local search account so that you can easily connect with the users local to local. You can easily marketing in local area.

6. Follow SEO industry and news blogs. There are many ways to improve SEO of your site. But above are some tasks industry size, goal etc.

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways to improve visibility of your website. It can use different task for this step as shown below:

1. Setup Google analytics: This is the very first task that is properly analyzing your site. It will help you to solidify your website as real. it gives your all the information of your website like: how many organic search , traffic volume , referral , in real time how many user’s are using your site , present position of the user , all the information in the form of proper chart or list will be displayed to you.

2. Setup Google webmaster tools: Google webmaster tool is a powerful tool. It helps you to identify your content or page and it is used to verify the authentication of the website.

3. Check your index status: This task is important to see whether you are being indexed and on SERP’s (search engine result page). In this task Google has indexed your pages. To check this you have to visit your Google webmaster tool and click on the Google index tab. To see how many number of pages Google has indexed.

4. On website pull keyword volume data: In this task you should provide appropriate content that should be easily understand by the audience. There no need of large amount data. Data can be short but should be in meaningful sentence and related to your keyword that is easy for each user who is familiar with site or not. There are 2 tools for keywords:

a. Google’s keyword planner , b. Word tracker

5. Optimize the title tags of your site: It means your title should be related to your content. It takes minimum 55 to 70 characters. Title tag is used to briefly and accurately describe the topic and theme of an online document or webpage. You should regularly update the title according to mostly keywords search by the user.

6. Eliminate duplicate content: Content of your page should be unique and easily understand by the audience.

7. Create remarkable content: When writing content keep in mind that content should be easy, simple, valuable and attractive so that more users can use that content.

By using off page SEO activities: Off page SEO is used for increasing authority of your domain through links to other websites. Domain authority work as to calculate authority of your site by comparing with other websites. One of the important factors of off page SEO technique is number and quality of back links to your websites. You can also buy links. In this you can do various tasks for back lining your content or page.
For e.g. You can create a bookmark to another website, add blog with relevant and valuable content can share video, images, pdf files, documents etc. and can also add forum where more than one user can discuss about one topic.

The main purpose of off page SEO is to create back links for rank your website on the top position. For long term SEO (search engine optimization) it is very important to work on your website structure and effective presentation of content.

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15 Great Techniques about Off-Page SEO

There are several individuals who are just creating to blog or website and a lot of more that have run their website at the same time as, that don’t know what is SEO is and how to execute it!
SEO basically means for Search Engine Optimization. This is the place you raise your web pages and apply positive strategies to help you rank as good as possible on search engine result pages (SERPs). The better your pages can rank on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc. results pages, the extra traffic and viewers your site is likely to get.
Now, SEO is divided up into two different categories; On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.
A. On-Page SEO goes to all the things the activities you can perform ON your website to help you rank in the top, such as internal linking, page titles, Meta tags & descriptions and more.

B. Off-Page SEO goes to all the things the activities you can do openly OFF your website to help you rank in top, such as article submission, social networking, forum & blog marketing and more.

In this post we will talk specifically about Off-Page SEO and some of the mainly successful ways to amplify your page rankings on search engines.
1. Blogging: One of the best ways to promote your website on search engines is to do blogging. By creating a blog for your site, you represent an explanation for viewers to stay persistent to your website and remain up to date with your newest information.
2. Blog Marketing: Blog marketing is also a good way to create link, comment on some other blogs or niche same as your category. This will allow you to add a link for your website.
3. Forum Marketing: Search forums online that is associated to your websites and get concerned within that society. Reply to forums, answer others questions, offer suggestion, etc. This all helps to construct up your status as someone who is a specialist within that position.
4. Search Engine Submission: Submit your links to various search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo, Duckduckgo and more. This will help you to improve your rankings on search engines.
5. Directory Submission: Submit your website details to various directories to gain backlinks for your websites and blogs.
6. Public Networking Websites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more Social Networking websites helps a lot to improve your ranking and popularity of your blog, article or website.
7. Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is one more big approach of promoting your website. Submit your newest pages, articles and blog posts to the most popular bookmarking sites, like Reddit, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Diggo and many more high PR sites.
8. Link Baiting: One another popular way of improving your websites popularity is Link baiting. If you construct a really trendy unique post for your site, then other people may desire to link to it. If you have copied/published other website’s information or content on your blog, then place their site link as a reference.
9. Photo Sharing: Most of the viewers see images on websites and close. This is a bad impact for your site and effect on the bounce rate of your website. Try to show the information in the photos and share these photos on image sharing sites with a link back to your website.
10. Video Marketing: When you have photos on your website, then why you not have a video, create your videos and share them on YouTube and videos sharing websites. This will also give a link back to your website. This will help users to find your information in multiple ways.
11. Business Reviews: Create reviews on others businesses and invite your friends/clients to put a review of your business in most important business review sites.
12. Local Listings: In places of doing global listing of business, try to do listing your website locally, so that search engines can view your website and obtain the content without any difficulty.
13. Article Submission: If you create the articles yourself, then you can submit them to most popular article directories and article submission sites like; Go Articles, Ezinearticles, Articlebase, etc. This will help you to drive traffic for your site.
14. Social Shopping Network: If you have an e-commerce site, then a good technique for publicity and marketing of your products for free is to put them on online shopping networks.
15. Answer Questions: You can aggressively contribute in questions answering on websites like Yahoo Answers. By answering and raising appropriate questions on your site place, you help to assemble your standings as someone that is professional in that field.
We expect this information provide a lots of Off Page SEO knowledge to you. Please feel free to leave your questions, suggestions and comments in our contact form.